Chattanooga Skydive Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

Chattanooga Skydive Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

Chattanooga Skydive makes the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list. You can give your cousin Sally a package of lessons so that she can solo, or present your brother Tom with a tandem Chattanooga Skydive gift certificate.

Tandem skydiving in Tennessee is a great way to introduce everyone to the sport of skydiving. Once your family and friends take off, all they have to do is relax and let the Chattanooga Skydive instructor take over.

Tandem skydiving is the first jump that you will make. There is very little instruction involved. You and your family and friends will love being strapped to your Chattanooga Skydive instructor. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Once you board your plane, you will travel to the skies near Chattanooga to take your first jump. After you roll out of the plane, you and your instructor will free fall together for about a minute. Once the parachute opens you and your instructor will gently float down to the ground for a perfect landing.

After your first jump, you will get the feel of skydiving and decide if you want to continue with the sport. If you do, you will want to sign up for the AFF skydiving program. This will prepare you to become certified in the Chattanooga area. You are in control of your sky dive under the Chattanooga Skydive instructor’s expert hands.

Skydiving is like nothing else. When you freefall in Tennessee, you will feel like you are floating on air. The buoyant feeling that you will experience when you freefall feels like you are floating on water, but much more exhilarating. Skydivers will tell you that it does not actually feel like you are falling, but more like you are flying, and is probably the closet you will get to flapping your wings like a soaring eagle. The noise from the wind is exciting as the air flies past at great speed. Freefalling is a magical experience and something that everyone should experience at least once in his or her life. The average skydive takes place from between 12,000 and 14,000 feet above the ground.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world enjoy the sport of skydiving, and they will tell you that once you try it, you will want to do it again, and again. This holiday season give a gift certificate from Chattanooga Skydive to everyone on your list.

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