Chattanooga Skydive Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Chattanooga Skydive Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Chattanooga Skydive can help you with a gift that keeps on giving. Give your significant other a Valentine’s Day gift that they will never forget. Your partner will be thrilled with the gift of a lifetime.

Just imagine the two of you taking your first jump together with a 120 MPG freefall ticket to paradise. Called the Tandem Grin by the friendly folks from Chattanooga Skydive, it is the gift that will have your love grinning from ear to ear for weeks, maybe even months. Order the Optional Video Package and the two of your can relive the best gift ever for years to come.

Buy a gift certificate and the two of you will be soaring through the wild blue yonder in no time. A team of professionals who will get you through the basics runs Chattanooga Skydive. Once you take a tandem jump and discover how much you and your partner love the sport, you can arrange to take private lessons.

Of course, you do not have to tandem jump your first time. The two of you can arrange to take the First Jump Course with Chattanooga Skydive. As the only United States Parachute Association Training Center in East Tennessee, Chattanooga Skydive can also offer you the highest quality and most advanced training available. Once you take your first lesson, you will be well on your way to becoming a licensed skydiver.

Each program is tailor made to suit you and your partner’s particular needs. Every team member from Chattanooga Skydive is USPA rated in all of the contemporary methods of skydiving. Every program covers the jump requirements and skills needed to get your skydiving license. Your price includes equipment rental, one-on-one instruction and the jump that will have you freefalling like a professional.

Buy a gift certificate from Chattanooga Skydive today and reserve your place in Ground School. The best six hours of your life will include the basics like how to control your body during a freefall, and how to deal with any emergencies. You and your partner will also be taught how to fly and land a square parachute. When you arrive at the drop zone, you will be taught airplane safety and be able to practice the actual skydive before you actually jump. Be prepared as your first skydive takes quite a bit of preparation, but thanks to the professionals from Chattanooga Skydive, it will be a breeze.

Instead of roses, give your love a Valentines gift that will be remembered forever.

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