Chattanooga Skydive It’s Not As Crazy As You Might Think

Chattanooga Skydive It’s Not As Crazy As You Might Think

Chattanooga Skydive understands that jumping out of an airplane may seem crazy to some people, but before you shake your head, you just might want to reconsider.

According to the USPA, or the United States Parachute Association, skydiving is much safer than you think. In 2010, there was over 3 million sky dives, with only 21 fatalities. With that being said, you are safer skydiving than on your daily commute to work.

When you take lessons from Chattanooga Skydive, you will learn the basics from a certified professional. All of the teachers from Chattanooga Skydive are licensed, and will teach you the most modern approach with customized skydiving instruction only available from Chattanooga Skydive. As the only USPA training center in East Tennessee, you can relax and enjoy the experience. Who knows? You may love it so much that you will want to continue and become a licensed skydiver yourself.

The feeling that you have when you jump out of an airplane for the first time is like nothing else in the world. Not only is it exhilarating, but it is something that is very difficult to explain.

From the moment that the hatch is opened and you see the ground below, that image will likely be burned into your memory banks forever. With Chattanooga Skydive you have the opportunity to jump out of an airplane with your closet friends. There is nothing like taking skydiving lessons together to really cement your friendship. Wouldn’t you rather jump out of an airplane on a Saturday morning than spend an hour and a half at the gym?

The greatest rewards in life happen when you jump out of your comfort zones. Contact the professionals from Chattanooga Skydive and book your lessons today, and do not forget to ask about adding video and still shots to your skydiving experience.

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