Call Chattanooga Skydive for Tandem or Student Training

Call Chattanooga Skydive for Tandem or Student Training

Chattanooga Skydive is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a special surprise for that certain someone. Call Chattanooga Skydive and order a Tandem Skydive gift certificate, or talk to the professionals from Chattanooga Skydive about solo skydiving lessons.

Learning to skydive has never been easier thanks to the licensed professionals from Chattanooga Skydive, especially if you or someone you know is jumping out of an airplane for the first time.

Contrary to popular belief, it really does matter where you skydive. Chattanooga Skydive is located in the East Tennessee and has some of the most spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

You won’t believe the view after free falling for a few minutes before soaring through the air enjoying the magnificence of the snowies.

If you really want to get into parachuting, Chattanooga Skydive recommends that you try Tandem diving first. That way you will already know what it is like to have been in the air before you begin your student Chattanooga Skydive training.

For more information, regarding Tandem and Chattanooga Skydive student training call today.

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